is a specialist in providing customized training and public programs, seminars, workshops, conferences and management consultancy services. Incorporated to meet the rising demands in human capital development. YATAKA is a niche training provider for its corporate Clients, offering innovative, competent and professional training services by highly experienced and professional industry trainers.

Based in Ampang, Selangor, and with operations throughout Malaysia, the Middle East and Africa, YATAKA serves various public and commercial sectors, including information technology, software development, aviation, automotives, banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail and entertainment.Conscious of the fact that the increasingly competitive and frenetic world demands higher level of adaptability and attentiveness, our training services and solutions are exclusively structured to help you achieve your goals, even as they evolve over time. We target markets worldwide, where organizations struggle to attract, develop and retain large numbers of employees; and where effective knowledge transfer is critical to an organizations success.

Our training services and solutions replace traditional training practices, and deliver an approach that is relevant for an organization and its constituents. This enables us to provide greater value to our clients than e-learning companies which offer a -one size fits all- approach to learning by selling generic off-the-shelf content. More importantly, our services enable our clients to align their human capital management strategy with their corporate goals and mission. Our priority is to help our clients and employees to be successful. That is why we focus on our promise -we work for you- via our approach to create an experience for everyone we connect with.


 In general, I am very satisfied with the course and the trainer. The programme was customized according to my professional needs, and the duration and timing was also as I had requested. The staff were very helpful and friendly. My best wishes to Yataka and God willing, I definitely look forward to coming back in the future!

- AliOman

 The program was great and the trainer was highly qualified and knowledgeable. His method of delivery was not only excellent but engaging, as he maintained two-way communication throughout his lecture. I definitely hope to come back for more sessions with Yataka in the future inshaAllah..

- Khalid Sudan

 The trainer is very good and I do hope to meet him again in another training programme organised by Yataka. He is not only professional but also very knowledgeable and simplifies the subject for my easy understanding. I also appreciate the fact that he is bi-lingual and can deliver the training in both English and my mother tongue Arabic..

- AhmedSaudi Arabia